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The term ‘homosexuality’ was coined in the late 19. , and hence medical intervention for a. I avoided applying the term ‘homosexual’ to the.

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Terminology related to sexual orientation Terminology related to sexual orientation. being attracted only to members of the opposite sex, and.. we use the terms homosexual,.

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Facts About Youth – Health Risks of the Homosexual Lifestyle Male Homosexual Behavior;. meaning long-term sexual fidelity,. It is clear that there are serious medical consequences to same-sex behavior.

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Terminology of homosexuality - Wikipedia The first known use of homosexual in English is in Charles Gilbert Chaddock's 1892 translation of Richard von Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis, a study on sexual practices. The term was popularized by the 1906 Harden-Eulenburg Affair. The word homosexual itself had different connotations 100 years ago than today.

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The Evolution of the Medical Definition of Homosexuality. The Evolution of the Medical Definition. for explaining homosexuals' non. brothers in correlation to the likelihood of a son being.

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Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior Medical Downside of Homosexual Behavior A Political Agenda Is Trumping Science, Says Rick Fitzgibbons WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pennsylvania, SEPT. 18, 2003

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Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do What Homosexuals Do.. [drinking or being splashed with. The typical sexual practices of homosexuals are a medical horror story — imagine.

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Homosexual | Define Homosexual at Dictionary.com Homosexual definition, sexually attracted to members of one's own sex:. except in medical and other formal contexts; the term gay has mostly replaced it.

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Homosexuality | definition of homosexuality by Medical. Meaning of homosexuality medical term.. and homosexual men. view of homosexuals as self-destructive human beings into their.

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GLAAD Media Reference Guide - Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual. Avoid the offensive term 'sexual preference,' which is used to suggest that being. restrict use of the term “homosexual”. GLAAD rewrites the.

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